Monday, November 25, 2013

Grabs you by your collar


Yes, Crickets

This is a recording of crickets. 
There are two tracks
blended together.
One is the sound of crickets as we hear them,
the other is the sound slowed down.

  Crickets live brief lives, compared to us,
and the cricket chirrup is slowed 
to the speed it would be 
if a cricket lived as long as we do.

(It's at the top of the page)

There's some reports 
that this is a hoax,
or a fix.

I'd suggest that when the sound was slowed
it was also changed in pitch, 
to be at the same tone
as a human voice.

That seems fair enough,
a valid solution for us to be able to hear it
as something musical and new.


  1. Now, I'm wondering if they ran into only groups of crickets who are only into Gregorian chants. Any Country Western loving crickets out there? We might never know...

    1. Then we should get crickets chiming like a gamelan in Java, or complex harmonies in a barbershop. I don't think I could take Country crickets without a can of Raid.(Can't stomach the new stuff. The old stuff about shattered hearts, whisky and railroads are ok)

    2. I don't like the new country stuff, either. It seems to have gone to Pop for my taste ;-(

      "a can of Raid" Hahaha!

  2. I'd suggest that even if it IS a hoax it's still pretty good. Sometimes hoaxes say more about the way people think than honesty. The things we want to believe matter as much as the things we do. Either way, I like this, and if you asked a cricket what it heard when another cricket chirps, this is probably a fair representation.

    1. Exactly. A bit of tweaking with the tape and I'm happy to accept this as a fair reflection of what we'd hear if we were Jiminy. It would be pretty grim if all the magic was taken away by perpetual sceptics.

  3. I grew up listening to crickets at night and there have been some places we've lived where you couldn't hear them. I missed them. Here in Florida you hear the MUTANT CRICKETS OF DEATH. And seriously, they sound like they're from an alien planet. =)

    1. I do find, after moving to in rural Arkansas (Like there's bit of Arkansas that aren't rural?) that the sheer volume of noise at night is enough to keep anyone awake. As for Poor Will? He's been whipped enough, I think.

      I like the sound of those Florida crickets, although I think it should be a matter of National Security that we slow that song down and find out what exactly they are saying. And to whom...