Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooktoberfest New and Happy Halloween!

The winner and the runners up for 
Spooktoberfest have been announced

Dani's winner was
Writerly Sam for the wonderful 

The winner for Jax was
The Beveled Edge for the intriguing

Here are the other runners up

Defending the Pen's


Writing Off the Edge

Some Dark Romantic

And, goodness me!

Mr N himself
over at
The Narrator's Study

So, big congratulations to him
and well done everybody.
I had such fun with
and found so many new writers to visit.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooktoberfest 2013 : Ma Bean

This is my offering.
I hope you enjoy!

 Ma Bean

November 12th  2013
Coroner’s Inquest Addendum 

This is a transcription of an interview with Mrs. Katriona Bean, AKA Ma Bean, of Windtop Pike.  

The entire interview is available online, for authorized access only. 

As you know, Windtop Pike has been a proposed site for hydraulic fracturing by Multifrack Inc since 2009 but the site remains undeveloped. This is partially due to the site’s difficult access up a narrow mountain track and Mrs. Bean’s strong resistance to acquisition of the land.

 One September 1st , 2010, Clint Obermeyer and Andrew Brown went to speak to Mrs. Bean to persuade her to allow development of the site. Their bodies were not discovered until  October 31st  2013. The recording was found at the scene. 

Partial Transcription: 

Obermeyer: Mrs. Bean, we’re really just trying to make it clear how much money there is in this operation. For you? Understand? For you! You don’t need to live up here, in this trailer.

Mrs. Bean: I like my trailer just fine.

Brown: It’s a very fine trailer, Mrs. Bean, but I’m sure you recognize that it could be more secure. You could have the Internet!  A new kitchen, maybe? City water.

Mrs. Bean: I like my own water just fine, too. And you sound like the police, calling me Mrs. Bean. Ma Bean, that’s my name! Been Ma Bean ever since Momma died. I can’t have no well up here, spouting gas everywhere. That’ll kill my potatoes. Can’t have you messing with my potatoes.

Obermeyer: Potatoes… 

(Papers rustling)

There’s no mention here of a potato farm. I’m sure the digging won’t affect your crop and you’ll be compensated for any loss of…

Mrs. Bean: My potatoes don’t like you! They don’t want you here. Can’t upset the potatoes, they’re growing on sacred ground.

(Papers rustling)

Brown: Ma Bean, we know there’s no protected Native American sites up here. 

Mrs. Bean: My Grandpa told me his Grandpa was given these potatoes and told they have to be grown here. They’re special. Sacred. And they don’t like their ground disturbed. This is the only place left where they can grow in peace!

(Sound of movement on the recording, assumed to be Mrs. Bean producing a potato)

Obermeyer: Jesus! That’s a potato? Will you look at the size of it? It’s huge! 

Brown: Looks like some kind of alien!  Ugly looking thing!

Mrs. Bean: It don’t like you, neither. It says, you two wretched creatures better go now. Says it wants to come with you, just to make sure you get off my land. Here. Take it! Now, scoot!

Obermeyer: She’s got a gun! Let’s get out of here!

(Audible sound of a cocking of a weapon. Recording ends.)

Mutlifrack’s vehicle was not discovered until  October 31st 2013.

 The bodies of Mr. Brown and Mr. Obermeyer were reduced to skeletons and had to be identified by their dental records. Their  pickup truck had presumably run off the road on a dangerous bend, dropped 300 feet into thick woodland and been hidden from view.  

The truck was examined and the accident was not caused by mechanical failure. Cause of accident appears to be a large potato that was wedged under the brake pedal, preventing the truck from braking while traveling on a steep gradient.

Coroner's verdict: Accidental Death.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Up and running: All Hallows Grim 2013

 All Hallows Grim 
is now open!
Here's a link to the list of 

Just scroll down and join in.

If you want to add a written entry here
just email it and I'll make sure the link goes up
and the piece gets its own page.

Suddenly, the man awoke, certain there was something on the bed. The bed moved, as if a solid weight had pressed on it. Alarmed, he flicked on the bedside, to find there was indeed someone in his room.

Sitting on the end of the bed was a middle-aged woman. She was rather dumpy, wearing a unremarkable nightdress, quilted dressing gown and slippers. She seemed desperately sad and bewildered.  When he sat up, she gave him a hopeful look...

For the Narrator's short story for
All Hallow's Grim

Join in, take part and have some fun!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

All Hallow's Grim 2013

So, Scribes and Scriveners,
would you like to take part in a 
Halloween Blog Party?

In other words...

Would you like to write some
spooky tale
and invite readers
to come and enjoy?

is hosting a
from 13th to 21st October.
Follow the link
to read the rules and themes

If you want to take part,
(and, you'll have to be quick!)
email your story to
Rhissanna curly at gmail dot com
and I'll post it in its own page
and link that to the Blog Party.

A New Post

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