Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free book! FREE BOOK!

 You're here because I used the word free, right?

Well, you'd better get to it.
Magaly Guerrero's

is on Amazon,

Today is the last day!

(I think)

You don't have a kindle?

Neither do I, 
 for your device from Amazon.

You believe in reading only the printed word?

Me too. 
 I love trees, I love books, I love (love!) libraries.

But, I love writers too and what they write deserves to be read.

So go add it to your Kindle.


  1. I actually did check here because I saw the word FREE.

    1. Maybe this is the secret to getting increasing blog post stats. Free! Free!

  2. I swear I just had a flash back of this awesome guy who used to sell hot bread around my village. I used to run after him, grinning, until I got my bread ;-D

    1. Frankly, I think I'd run after anyone who was offering hot bread.