Monday, October 14, 2013

Up and running: All Hallows Grim 2013

 All Hallows Grim 
is now open!
Here's a link to the list of 

Just scroll down and join in.

If you want to add a written entry here
just email it and I'll make sure the link goes up
and the piece gets its own page.

Suddenly, the man awoke, certain there was something on the bed. The bed moved, as if a solid weight had pressed on it. Alarmed, he flicked on the bedside, to find there was indeed someone in his room.

Sitting on the end of the bed was a middle-aged woman. She was rather dumpy, wearing a unremarkable nightdress, quilted dressing gown and slippers. She seemed desperately sad and bewildered.  When he sat up, she gave him a hopeful look...

For the Narrator's short story for
All Hallow's Grim

Join in, take part and have some fun!

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