Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fairy tales. The French do it better.

Yes, they do.

And you know it.

This is a French production of
Beauty and the Beast
from Christophe Gans

Apparently, it's not due to be released
in the USA,  but I'm sure a bit of 
Internet pressure will fix that.

Doesn't it look gorgeous?

Christophe Gans
 also brought us
Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Historic fiction! Fabulous costumes!

Wire-fighting Native Americans!

Harlots and assassins! Secret sects and an evil monster!

Tarot cards and incest and pretty horses!

You should see that!

What else is this cold spring for
but snuggling up, and watching glorious eye-candy?


  1. And I thought French Cinema was about the plot. Pretty film. Hope it comes to the States. I have seen Brotherhood. Admittedly the eye-candy was in corsets as I recall. Though that woman in the Tri-corner could be Pesha...

    1. I'm delighted you've seen it and that's a very valid point, Mr N. Could Lady Pesha kill with a fan? I do see 'Mabel Bunt: The Movie' as having fabulous costumes.

      Oh! A Mabel Bunt Action Figure!