Monday, August 26, 2013


Welcome to The Narrator's Library.  My second blog devoted to writing.  The Narrator's Study which you can find here is a collection of my own writing, some of it open to collaboration, some of it not.  But the stories on The Narrator's Library are something altogether different.  They're offerings from other writers.  You and You, and You over there(Yes, we see you...).

Anyone is free to offer the Library a tale.  As the Narrator I have final say over what is posted to the Library, but I'm a gentle Overlord and if you have a story that is interesting and clever, odds are good it will be accepted.  As with all games, this one has rules and they are as follows:

1:  As stated all submissions are to my final decision.  I'm looking for stories that will hold interest, draw an audience, and possibly create World Peace.  If you submit something you may be asked to change or tweak bits, or the idea may be deemed unsuitable.  Consider this a challenge, not an insult.  I know a good idea when I read one and I try to accommodate all sorts of stories.

2:  The site is labeled "Mature" and mature writing is accepted.  Be aware of this when you read anything on the site.  To the writers of such material; I'll not shy away from mature themes, but write them with class or you'll be asked to edit or remove the posts.  Or they will be removed for you.  All themes have merit and I will try not to hamper your style or ability, but write with maturity when you write mature things, please.

3: Ownership.  A sticky, dangerous thing on the Internetz.  I will tell you what I expect of writers and you are all free to sort it out in litigation before the movie comes out.  You own your Story ideas.  I'll never reuse an idea or borrow anything from you, but if you put something up for others to collaborate on, they own the characters they create.  It's only cooperative when you cooperate, so please, don't steal and don't share if you're uncomfortable sharing.

4:  Please feel free to leave comments and critique.  If you write, know that others will be sharing opinions of that writing.  Use the feedback.  Dazzle your audience.  Comment writers?  Be nice.  If you don't like something, and feel compelled to say why, be nice, or I will remove your comment.  Writers?  Put on your thick skin.  Not every work will win everyone.  Be ready for Trolls.

5:  Most importantly?  Have fun.  This is supposed to be a place to go read something, or write something in between chores or to inspire a little imagination while you're waiting in some line for some thing you don't really want to wait for.  Enjoy yourself, let down your guard.  Be creative.  It will reward you in ways you don't even know about.

That, as they say, is my final word.  Submissions, story ideas, and questions may be put directly into comments or sent to .  You can also submit things to .  All things are moderated and require approval before you'll see them on the site, but I try to check daily for new things.  If you don't see your post or comment?  Be patient...

Welcome to the Library!


  1. "...and possibly create World Peace" LOL You are a riot!

  2. Maybe peace in a ten foot bubble around me, then...

  3. World peace would make for very boring stories.

  4. Yar, Rhissanna. I got me another Captain of another ship if you're interested. I think I just like the tight pants and silk shirts or somethin'. Gonna send it in email. Me and Nym is working on it. So if you don't approve it you're off the cool list.

    1. Is this set aboard the Good Ship Venus? I'm looking forward to the tight pants and silks shirts but please, no pictures. No pictures!

  5. Mr N? This post doesn't have my email for submissions. :/ I can't change it. I can only write new posts.